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Tips for cleaning out your messy closet

clean closet

Tips for cleaning out your messy closet

Tips for cleaning out your messy closet.  Do you have a messy closet?  I know I do.  So we are going to start by organizing the messy closet. Getting dressed in the mornings is hard enough when you can’t find anything to wear even when your closet is full of clothes.

Today we are going to learn that we do not need all these clothes.  We never wear 80% of our clothes so why do we need to hold on to them?  We don’t.

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Take everything out of the closet and sort as you go.

You will need 4 piles

  1. Keep
  2. Store
  3. Sell
  4. Donate

Examine all your clothes and try them on to see if they still fit.  I know you really want to keep clothes that you really liked from over 20 years ago but our bodies do change over time.  You have to decide if those clothes are worth to keep or not.

Clean Closet…

After you have emptied out your closet. Put your clothes that you are keeping back on the hangers and turn your hangers backward.

Now, when you wear anything put it back to normal. In 6 months anything still turned backward, you know you don’t wear. Getting dressed in the mornings will be stress-free from now on.

Clothes Hangers




Take care of the clothes that you have decided not to keep in your closet.   

Do not leave the items that you decide to trash or to donate, left in your house for one more second.

If you are like me, I will take care of it, but it ends up still being in the same spot a year later. It’s nice to organize but it’s even better to get it out of the house.

Where is a good place to sell clothes?


Yard Sales


Facebook Marketplace

Here is a list of places where you can donate your clothes…

Salvation Army

Deseret Industries

Recycle your Denim


American Red Cross

Vietnam Veterans of America

Dress for Sucess

Career Gears

Big Brother Big Sister Foundation

Planet Aid


Donate my Dress

Doesn’t that feel good?  One spot down, many to go….

Stay tuned for our next post…

tips for cleaning out your messy closet


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How to make mix match socks disappear

big pile of socks

Piles of socks, oh my

big pile of socks

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How to make piles of socks disappear?

When no one is looking throw them away. *Poof* no more sock problem.
When socks get lost what do we do? We buy more socks and the mix match socks go in a pile. Holy, stained and too small socks seem to be an issue at my house.

What about your house?

What we need to decide on is if they still fit and if they can be saved.

holy socks
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Do you need to start over? No, you don’t need to go buy more socks you need to reduce how many you need for each person.

What is an easy way of tossing out old socks?

Look through all the socks and put them in separate piles for each member of the household. Asking each member of the family what type of socks they like to wear will greatly reduce the stress of trying to second guess what to keep.

The divorce rate among my socks is astonishing Click To Tweet.

Who mates pairs anymore?

If you take a survey at a school I betcha more than half do not wear matching socks. This society has become to not care how they look. It is sad that it has become that way but your family can stop that trend. Let’s start with mating socks.

Each household is different but in my household, I start with 2 weeks worth of mates. To start out with and if that is still too many socks reduce it down to 1-weeks worth. Now doesn’t that feel wonderful not having all those loose socks?

One neat trick is, don’t wear socks at all during the summertime wear sandals or flip-flops that will drastically reduce the number of socks you need to wash.

How can we minimize your socks?

Growing up I always folded socks in a way that the socks elastic would start breaking down and be stretched out. As an adult, I learned a new way of folding them that still did not work, they were still bulky in my drawer and would take a lot of space.

I started this journey to reduce all the things I own and one thing I do own are socks. You almost can’t live without them.

I don’t know about you but my feet sweat really bad. I have to wear socks it is a must. Do I have a zillion socks? No, I don’t.

I just need to be smarter with the way I have them. I found many YouTube video on the right way of folding socks so they are not bulky or misplaced.  YouTube is a great resource.

Enjoy and be amazed at how we have dealt with them all the wrong ways.

What do you do with your mix match socks?

Are your piles of socks gone?

What are the ways you take care of your socks?

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Dishes That Stay In The Kitchen Get Washed

Dishes Can Get Washed By You…

Have you ever walked into your kitchen and turned around.   I know I have. Dishes are everywhere. The kitchen has dishes in the sink. Garbage all over the floor that you cannot even get in your kitchen to eat so what do you do?  Go out to eat? Well, there went that money you were saving to buy diapers or milk.

I want to help you where you walk into your kitchen and it is your place where you hang out all day.

Making healthy meals for your family, not the oops I forgot to wash a spoon better eat your cereal with a fork.  The problem with that is no milk to grow healthy bones.

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washing dishes

Dishes are not the enemy

Join my journey of a stressed free day of not worrying about your kitchen because it’s clean and it smells like gardenias.

The first step is to buy this book it will change your life 100%.  How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind by Dana K. White from A Slob Comes Clean.  She is my soul sister, someone who knows what I go through every day and she is my support team.  I have never met Dana but I am excited to put all her implements to use so I have a stress free life which starts with washing the dreaded dishes.

Now you that you have this book in your hand.  Go do your dishes

soupy dishes

Dishes are washed by you

Tips on making the process easier

  1. Wipe Food Off  the dishes

  2. Rinse dishes

  3. Don’t put it off

  4. Use Hot Soapy water

  5. Don’t put dirty dishes in the sink — put the dishes in a bin close to the sink that way you always have a clean sink when you need to use it.

  6. Keep an extra bin in your clean sink. That way you when you are ready to wash dishes you can fill it with hot water and put a couple of drops of soap in it–saves time and water.

  7. Wash dishes in order–cleanest to dirtiest.

  8. Glasses

  9. Silverware

  10. Plates

  11. Pots and Pans–a good idea is to fill up pans to soak while you start on glasses