Tips for cleaning out your messy closet

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Tips for cleaning out your messy closet

Tips for cleaning out your messy closet.  Do you have a messy closet?  I know I do.  So we are going to start by organizing the messy closet. Getting dressed in the mornings is hard enough when you can’t find anything to wear even when your closet is full of clothes.

Today we are going to learn that we do not need all these clothes.  We never wear 80% of our clothes so why do we need to hold on to them?  We don’t.

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Take everything out of the closet and sort as you go.

You will need 4 piles

  1. Keep
  2. Store
  3. Sell
  4. Donate

Examine all your clothes and try them on to see if they still fit.  I know you really want to keep clothes that you really liked from over 20 years ago but our bodies do change over time.  You have to decide if those clothes are worth to keep or not.

Clean Closet…

After you have emptied out your closet. Put your clothes that you are keeping back on the hangers and turn your hangers backward.

Now, when you wear anything put it back to normal. In 6 months anything still turned backward, you know you don’t wear. Getting dressed in the mornings will be stress-free from now on.

Clothes Hangers




Take care of the clothes that you have decided not to keep in your closet.   

Do not leave the items that you decide to trash or to donate, left in your house for one more second.

If you are like me, I will take care of it, but it ends up still being in the same spot a year later. It’s nice to organize but it’s even better to get it out of the house.

Where is a good place to sell clothes?


Yard Sales


Facebook Marketplace

Here is a list of places where you can donate your clothes…

Salvation Army

Deseret Industries

Recycle your Denim


American Red Cross

Vietnam Veterans of America

Dress for Sucess

Career Gears

Big Brother Big Sister Foundation

Planet Aid


Donate my Dress

Doesn’t that feel good?  One spot down, many to go….

Stay tuned for our next post…

tips for cleaning out your messy closet


10 thoughts on “Tips for cleaning out your messy closet”

  1. My wardrobe is pathetic. I decided a few weeks ago that if I threw out everything I hate, I wouldn’t have anything left! But I did force myself to purge. I hate the feeling that I wasted money on something I would never want to wear. But it feels so good to bag it up and get rid of it. I think it’s time again!

  2. I did this a while ago with my clothing and I love how much space it gave me and only have to pick from a few things each day (if I get out of my jammies, anyway).
    I hope to do it again with my husbands side!

  3. I loved how you broke it down into steps. I really need to declutter my closet. I have clothes in there that are sentimental, but I’ve only worn once. Thanks for the push to finally get rid of them!

  4. You have some great ideas in this post. I just started the Ruthless Declutter Challenge by Emily Ley. The closets are one of the biggest things I need to tackle. Thanks for the encouragement and tips!

  5. You just made it sound so simple and I have been dreading to do my closet for a year now. I feel empowered to take everything out today and get rid of that which is making my closet messy and move on to a refreshing closet! Thank you for your insight because I would have kept ignoring it!

  6. I like the hanger idea. Today is my day to work on my closet. The DI pods are here this week and my goal is to dejunk and donate it to the Deseret Industries. Usually, I dejunk but it stays in a tote in my shed, but this weeks goal is to actually get rid of it. Thanks for your ideas.

  7. I did a massive clean out a while ago and now I need to go shopping because my choices are so limited. But, it sure does feel good to have some room for new!

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